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My son went to St. Andrews for 3 years and my daughter now attends. My son loved it, and was totally prepared for kindergarten. My daughter can't wait to get to school to see Miss Jesse and Miss Maria! I love that the school is Christian, but that the staff doesn't pressure the kids or the parents. My son was in many performances (like the Christmas Pageant) and really blossomed. His teachers were very patient with him! We love St. Andrews! :)
My children began attending St. Andrew’s in Ms. Cora’s class over 2 years ago and from the day we entered the school grounds, my kids have never been happier. The staff is amazing and I can’t say enough great things about the school. My Boys are graduating this year from Pre-K and they know all their colors, numbers, can spell their names, and just love being at school in general so much so they run to their class every morning. I am truly grateful for Moira Douglas the Director at the school. She takes great pride in the children’s education and the upkeep of the facilities. I would highly recommend St. Andrews Day School!
Our son has been attending St. Andrews since he was 8 weeks old & I can’t say enough good things about the staff at St. Andrews. Not only have they taught our son so much but the socialization and interaction with the other kids and teachers has been phenomenal. The staff truly cares about each child and it is very evident. My twelve year old daughter went to St. Andrews when she was little and now my son goes. Many of the same staff are still there, teaching and empowering the kids. In January 2012, when our son woke screaming from a nap in considerable abdominal pain at 11 months, his teachers were quick to locate us and describe the situation in good detail. When we zoomed to pick him up to rush him to the doctor, their detailed observations helped us explain the nature of his pain to the pediatrician so she could diagnose his intestinal emergency rapidly. He was experiencing a rare overlapping of the intestine upon itself which could have happened at any time or anywhere. We’re so glad he was in such capable hands in his time of need.
My older son has been at St. Andrew's Day School for nearly six months now, and I couldn't imagine sending him anywhere else! I began looking for daycares when I was pregnant with my second son. My oldest had been with my mother and a friend since he was four months old and I had huge fears about sending my baby to a daycare. I visited in-home daycares, larger daycares, Montessori schools, etc. After each visit, I cried in my car thinking that I would never find a place that "felt right." That immediately changed when I met Moira and the amazing staff at St. Andrew's. They welcomed me and my son into the program from our first visit. My little guy joined the group, ate snack, and played in the sandbox while I toured the facility. I found it to be clean, stimulating, and loving. My husband and I appreciate the attention and affection that the staff shows toward my son. They always speak positively about him and show him extra love if he is having an emotional day. The infant room, which my new son will be attending soon, shows the same time and individual attention that my two-year-old receives in his room. My son LOVES his teachers and friends. He comes home with new concepts, songs, and games. I feel good knowing that he is receiving the care, socialization, and enrichment needed to someday go to kindergarten. I can't say enough good things about this place - you and your child will have to visit to understand the family-like feel of this wonderful place.

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