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St. Andrew’s Day School COVID Safety Protocols

St. Andrew’s Day School COVID Safety Protocols

Dear Parents,
The following is regarding our safety protocols and procedures for St. Andrew’s Episcopal Day School. The Safety and well-being of all children in our care has always been a top priority.
Child to teacher ratios will remain the same, as set by state licensing requirements. To the best of our ability’s children will remain in stable groups for the bulk of the day, any co-mingling will happen outdoors, weather and staffing permitting. Any adult that wishes to enter the facility Will comply with a health screening and wash their hands before entering. Teachers will not enter other classrooms (unless necessary). Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use. Playgrounds will be divided into sections and only used by one classroom at a time.  Playground and equipment and toys will be cleaned and sanitized after each classroom's use. Classroom furniture and equipment will be sanitized with increased frequency.

HEALTH SCREENINGS: Will Continue as a policy of St. Andrew’s Day School, as recommended by the CDSS. Temperatures will be taken for all staff at the start of their shift with no touch forehead thermometer. Staff will not be permitted to work with a temp, over 100.

CHILDREN WILL ENTER THOUGH THE SIDE GATE NEXT TO THE NURSERY. The following health questions will be asked to parents: Has the child had a fever or been given fever reducing meds in the last 24 hours? Has the child or anyone else living in the child's household been exposed to anyone with Covid in the last 14 days? Does the child have any respiratory issues? The child's temperature will be taken before entering the premises, with a no touch forehead thermometer.  Then children will be asked to wash their hands before entering the classroom. ANYONE WITH A TEMPERATURE OF 100.1 will not be admitted. Anyone with a fever of 100.1 or higher will be required to stay home for 36 hours and may return as long as they have been fever free for 24 hours (WITHOUT THE USE OF FEVER REDUCING MEDICATION AND 36 HOURS REQUIRMENT HAS PASSED) AND HAVE NOT DEVELOPED ANY RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS OR HAVE A WRITTEN NEGATIVE DIAGNOSE OF COVID-19, FROM THEIR DOCTOR. Documentation from a doctor is required for anyone displaying chronic allergy symptoms. If your child over the age of two starts to display symptoms while at school, they will be given a face mask to wear until they are picked up.  Any child that develops cold/flu, or covid symptoms while at school will be isolated and parents will be called and asked to pick up their child immediately.

CHILD DROP OFF AND PICK UP: Parents will sign children in and out at the side gate, using their own pen. A container of back up pens will be provided and placed into a container for sanitizing after use. As children enter, they will immediately be taken to the bathroom to wash their hands, then they will be walked to their classrooms. To the best of our ability, two available staff members will be extra on staff to assist with sanitizing the bathrooms and playgrounds after each use. Extra staff will fill in as a teacher if one becomes ill. A schedule will be made for individual class time to use the playground and then extra staff will sanitize in between each use. Parents are not to be admitted on site without completing a health screening. In these instances, you will be asked to wash your hands upon entry, have a temp. check and you will be asked not to have contact with others or enter any classrooms. Older siblings not attending St. Andrew’s will not be permitted on the school campus.

CLASSROOMS: Each class will have two teachers to ensure teacher breaks and to assist with sanitation throughout the day. Classroom toys, furniture and surfaces will be sanitized often throughout the day and at the end of the day. Teachers and staff will wear gloves while diapering, assisting with toileting and when serving meals and snacks.

LUNCHES: Lunches will continue to be brought from home. To minimize food handling contact we are asking that only ready to eat foods be sent and we will not be heating foods or serving condiments.

NAPPING: Children will be placed 6 feet apart and arranged with a head-to-toe placement. So that they will not be breathing on each other's faces. No toys are permitted from home.

WATER: Our water fountain will be closed, so to insure all children always have access to water, we are asking that each child bring their own reusable water bottle filled and ready to use and labeled with the child's name. We will refill as needed throughout the day. Children under 2 will have cups provided

NO REFUNDS will be given for sick days or quarantines/Isolations. No refunds will be given for classroom or school closures due to pandemics and or natural disasters.
These policies will remain in effect until further notice and are subject to change at any time with authorization from the state of Californian and its licensing facilities.


If your child is diagnosed with Covid, please call the school office to inform us the of the possible exposure.
If an exposure occurs in the facility the following agencies will be notified immediately.


If a classroom has had a covid exposure, all parties exposed will be notified and that class will be asked to wear face mask for 5 days.  If your child’s class has been exposed, please monitor your child for any symptoms and keep them home if symptoms start.  The health department recommends covid testing on day 5 of exposure.  If your child becomes symptomatic a PCR covid test is recommended.

COVID-19 POSITIVE: If your child test positive for Covid-19 you will be asked to keep your child home for a minimum of five days, they may return on day 6 or later if they are symptom free for a full 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. If your child over the age of 2 returns before 10 days, we  ask that your child wear a face mask until day 11.


 If the school returns to outbreak status (3 positive Covid cases in less than 14 days.) we will return to mask wearing for 15 days after last positive case.  If a single classroom has 3 or more positive Covid cases St. Andrew’s Episcopal Parish Day school reserves the right to close the entire classroom for 10 days, to avoid school wide shut down.  Please keep in mind 3 or more positive Covid cases in 14 days puts the school in outbreak status.  If St. Andrews does take action to mitigate the spread, CDSS and Cal OSHA, has the right to close the entire school.  This is a St. Andrew’s Policy.  CDSS has required that all state licensees develop a written plan of action to ensure the health and safety of the children in our care. Thank you for your cooperation!

VACCINATIONS & MASK: The County Health Department strongly recommends the use of face mask and vaccination if eligible. Call 211 for more information.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Day School will continue to follow the guidance and directives of CDPH and CDSS.  If requirements change, then St. Andrew’s will align our policies and practices accordingly.

School hours will be reduced to 7:00 am - 5:30 pm (to lower operations cost and accommodate CA labor Laws)



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Medications At Saint Andrew's


If it is necessary for a staff member to administer medication, the parent MUST sign the medication book located in the office. The Parent is to indicate the amount of medicine to be given, name of medicine, time to be given and sign the form. This is to be done each day medication is to be given. Medication must come in original bottle showing prescription. If over-the-counter medication needs to be administered; written directions must first be obtained from your childs doctor. When picking up your child, always check our medication log to see time it was given and staff signature for conformation. For a copy of our medication protocol, ask the office.

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