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Young children are naturally curious about the world around them, and everything we do at St. Andrew’s Dayschool helps foster each child’s uniqueness. Project-based learning, grounded by a deep appreciation for child-centered curriculum, guides our approach to instruction. Our talented team of educators deepens each child’s sense of wonder as students engage in rich, meaningful, and relevant interactions. Our curriculum engages intentional read-aloud and kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and tactile learners built upon a developmentally appropriate framework. Through these learning experiences, we hope to prepare a generation of children to become creative, compassionate, critical thinkers in today’s ever-changing world.

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Up to 24 Months


Teachers : Ms. Shayna and Ms. Jazmin, Ms. Crystal
Ms. Huda, and Ms. Joi

Aides: Ms. Catalina, Ms. Zayden, Ms. Cielo

       Strengthening relationships with babies through meaningful and engaging play opportunities and offering a hands-on learning experience for every stage with research-based activities and safe exploration. St. Andrew’s Dayschool educators help your little ones grow by responding to their cues and guiding them towards age-related milestones.


         Language, sensory play, and movement through the use of play manipulatives, music playlists, and board books. Creating a language-rich talking, singing, and reading environment encourages back-and-forth communication and interactions.

18-36 Months


Teachers : Ms. Isabella F. & Ms. Taera

Aide: Caspar

      At St. Andrew’s Dayschool, we strive to support the “whole child,” developing our curriculum and teaching strategies around social, emotional, physical, Language, and cognition development.



  • Manage classroom rules, routines, and transitions.
  • Ability to look at a situation differently or with delayed gratification.
  • Demonstrates confidence and establishes and sustains positive relationships. 
  • Turn-taking uses successful strategies for entering groups.


  • Moves purposefully from place to place with control
  • Sustains balance 
  • Manipulates balls or objects 
  • Fine-motor strength and coordination


  • Listens to and understands increasingly complex Language
  • Responds appropriately to specific vocabulary and simple statements, questions, and stories 
  • Follows directions of two or more steps that relate to familiar objects and experiences 
  • Uses Language to express thoughts and needs
  • Describes and tells the use of many everyday items


  • A positive approach to learning
  • Problem-solving, especially when adults offer suggestions, questions, and comments 
  • Rember and connect experiences
  • Object classification or grouping
  • Drawing and constructing 
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Classes Image
2 Years - to Kinder


Teachers : Ms. Heather, Ms. Isabella C., Ms. Kimmi,
Ms. Laura, Ms. Mizuki, Ms. Tiffany, Ms.
Irene, and Ms. Rachel

Aides: Ms. Kaylee & Ms. Amanda,


  • Regulating emotions and behaviors 
  • Establish and sustain positive relationships
  • Engage with trusted adults as resources 
  • Identify the basic emotional reactions of others and their causes
  • Cooperatively and constructively participate in group situations.


  • Increase coordination in complex movements through play and games
  • Sustain balance during difficult movement experiences. 
  • Gross motor and manipulative skills 
  • Fine motor strength and coordination, including writing and drawing. 


  • Listen and understand complex statements, questions, vocabulary, and stories.
  • Supplementing verbs and adjectives in storytelling
  • Using language to express thoughts and needs.
  • Development of long, complex sentences.
  • Logical order, significant details, past and present sequencing 


  • Work to ignore distractions and interruptions 
  • Problem-solving and task diversion
  • Remembering and connecting experiences
  • Object grouping by characteristic, then regrouping again with another characteristic.


  • Phonological awareness, phonics skills, word recognition. 
  • Rhyming words, syllables, letter sequence
  • Alphabet recognition and sounds
  • Print knowledge title, author, illustrator, front, back
  • Writing own name and using drawings to convey a message
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