Meet Our Teachers!

There is nothing more important than the teachers that lead your children in lessons and activities every day. We here at Saint Andrew's Day School are nurturers as well as teachers, and we understand that each child is unique. Our teachers all have child development backgrounds and have all been at St. Andrews many years helping us cultivate the wealth of resources, talent, knowledge and experience that we draw from daily while your children are with us. Our goal is to send each one of our children to kindergarten feeling self-confident, and capable in their skills so that they can condfidently work with others and promote good citizenship along with respect for authority.

We also hope, and pray, that we have laid a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Objectives:

To provide an environment for the childern to learn about themselves and the world that God has created.

To help each child grow in self-esteem and self-confidence through treating themselves and the others around them with respect and positive reinforcement.

To prepare each child to leave the Saint Andrew's Day School cognitively and socially prepared for elementary school.

We just held our annual picture day and will be posting information on our teachers shortly.

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